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Conflicts of my mind

mule earsSo I was looking at FB and Snapchat and see people posting pictures of themselves with their significant other. The guy is in the back hugging the girl and they look cute and in love. I want that. I want to feel that kind of love. But my stupid anxiety and mind just won’t allow it. I try to cuddle and be close, but I start to feel uncomfortable, self conscious, and weird so I back away and distance myself. I’ve tried ignoring it and just letting it happen, but my mind starts freaking out and makes me crazy. I just want to be a normal girlfriend and be able to cuddle up with my boyfriend and snuggle, hug, and show affection. No matter what I try or what I do I can never allow myself to enjoy those things. It’s somewhat depressing sometimes because I crave those things, but I get all weird when it happens. Maybe one day I’ll be ok and can be “normal.” Until then I just have to keep moving along.


2 thoughts on “Conflicts of my mind

  1. Thanks for sharing, I’m sure in due time you will feel comfortable enough to enjoy the affection. In due time just believe it will happen and it will. Stay positive 🙂


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